How to Change The Default Pool Location of a Project?

I have had this same issue, and I believe I have found a workaround… (namely because backup project produced an error forcing me to find an alternative). This is easy to do. I have saved my project, hope this helps anyone here. (I did this on Cubase 9.5)

Before we start, a few things, I would suggest you open the project and save a new copy, V2 if you will… just as a backup. Also, if it’s relatively small, feel free to back up the whole folder if you are paranoid.

  1. open pool window and confirm it does not match the project folder you are running your project from.
  2. open the folder on your PC listed in the pool window and you should find some folders in there, for me it was “audio” and “image” folders.
  3. if you have audio files, click on a few and confirm they are for the same project.
  4. once confirmed, copy (do not move) these folders into your main project folder (the folder you expected/wanted them to be in)
  5. make sure the project and Cubase are closed
  6. rename the folder you found the files in so for me I changed it from “Untitled-08” to “Untitled-08 - wefwefwef” :slight_smile:
  7. open your V2 project file… it should no longer find the original project folder and prompt you to find the new one.
  8. select the correct project folder, as in the one it should have been all along. If you copied the audio and image folders into the root of this folder, Cubase should find these and initiate the project with the new project folder being the correct one and everything should just work as-is.
  9. check the project is working as expected then hit save and job is a gooden!

NOTE: if for any reason this did not work for you, close down cubase, rename the folder, in my case “Untitled-08 - wefwefwef” back to “Untitled-08” and then at least you can continue to work with it un changed.

Hope this helps anyone finding this thread looking for an answer. Keep on producing :sunglasses:

Cubase 10 allows you to set the record folder per track. All you have to do is select a track or tracks, right click on your mouse, and use set record folder to apply your chosen folder to those specific tracks.

Yes, that’s the method I use–the right click on the new track/channel to select record folder. I make that part of the new project setup checklist, just to be sure. The subsequent tracks to be created seem to follow suit.

Always a good idea to open pool early on in the project to inspect/verify the wav’s destination directory and folders. You’ll also see if some are residing elsewhere for some reason, so you can go there to bring them over.

Front loading Directory certainty before proceeding too far into the project is wise.

Just upped to V11 and hope that’s still the case.