How to change the order of tracks in the mixer?

Hello. How do you change the order of tracks from the mixer-window?

I can change the order of tracks from the project-window, but I can’t change the order of tracks from the mixer-window.

Here’s an illustration:

Thanks in advance.

Afaik you dont move them there, you do that in the project window…

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Yes, that’s what I thought. But as you can see in the illustration that was attached to the post, the “Buses” (in the illustration) is in a different order in the mixer-window than in the project-window. And that’s very strange, because the order in the mixer-window is supposed to be controlled by the order in the project-window…

Yeah never ever thought about that since buses are always to the right on a console, to me it makes very little sense to have buses in between channel or to the left of the channelss. Group channels sometimes, yeah, but them you can move around if you place them outside the folder.

In the Inspector section next to Visibility there’s a pop-up Menu: Sync Project and MixConsole. use it if you need.

The same Menu exists in the Mixer next to History

Thanks “Winter Rat”, that’s good to know. However, I found out the reason to the phenomenon I posted, thanks to “strummer”:

The order of the “Buses” in the mixer-window isn’t controlled by the order of the “Buses” in the project-window, because the “Buses” are output-channels, and are therefore automatically placed to the right side in the mixer-window - regardless of their position in the project-window.

In the “Zones”-section, I had configured my “Master” to be placed on the right side in the mixer-window - and therefore all other output-channels (such as the “Buses”) are also automatically placed on the right side in the mixer-window.

Just wanted to drop a thank you for this :slight_smile:

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Just one small point on this. Group Tracks (Bus) can be either “inside” or "“outside” the Group Tracks Folder. Having a Group Outside the Folder is great for when a Group is acting as a Sub-Group for a set of Background Vocals or any number of uses. Yes, Group Tracks are outputs, but they can be routed very flexibly by Cubase including to “No Bus” for use in recording VST-is directly to an Audio Track and many other such uses. This is kind of off-topic to your original post but I thought it worth a mention. We may also use the zones to place tracks left or right or normal (center dot). (I use Cubase Pro 10.0.04).

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This is ARCHAIC behaviour for a DAW in the 21st Century, Why can we not rearrange our mixer window seperately? There aren so many reasons for doing this. It’s the same as the Numbering system on the tracks. As soon as one uses a 3rd party console type device one is locked into a ridiculous numbering system.
Shoddy, very shoddy - especially when we look at the amount of requests for this one feature - people use Reaper and PTools, for reasons like this. Ones arrange and editing window is a seperate entity to the mixing window - even with an old hardware desk one could reroute or repatch the order of tracks. So why not in a DAW?


It will arrive as a new feature sometime … But I guess not until V11.

Thumps way up on this post and request.


I back that as well!


I don’t.

I use Kontakt with multi outputs and the order that Cubase chooses to present the output channels is different from that in Kontakt, so it would be helpful if I could just drag the channels into order on the mixer window because the outputs do not appear in the arrange window. In fact, if I click and drag the track name, a small folder and + symbol appears and looks like something might happen, but it doesn’t


I hope the fix this in 12.

One way around it, if you are setting up a Template…
Or if you don’t mind spending some time trying something that usually works, but doesn’t sometimes.

Select all of the tracks you want on the left from the Project window, then export them. Do this in order exporting what you want next etc.

Open a fresh new project and import the track archives in the order you desire. This isn’t going to fix the order they are displayed in the selector on the left, but it will fix them in the main mixer window.

Definitely some bugs here.

The other annoying bugs are:

Studio Setup Generic Remote - move a track and it isn’t set anymore.

Key Commands - create a macro and duplicate it. Both the duplicate and the original are often out of order.

Project Logical Editor - code a transformation and choose the select option. Only the select happens. Also these functions should take parameters!!! Also they are stored as blocks of binary in a chunk of XML. It would be nice if it was all XML so you could save it, edit it outside of the little tiny window.

All of the logical editors - save is the + if you enter the same name it pops up and asks if you are sure, but the little tiny - is right next to it, and if you accidentally click that, its gone, no popup or anything.

Midi inserts - They don’t always work, especially transform, and quantizing to greater than a quarter note is impossible.

We need a scripting language in Cubase so we can take control of what we want.

Creating parallel Audio+MIDI paths is painful. A Midi Bus would be nice, but having EVERY channel a parallel MIDI/MIDI CC/Audio path would be the way to go. It’s 2022 not 1990. Every channel needs both MIDI and Audio.

Ill just keep saying theses things…

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In addition to this, their’s another feature I think Cubase just creates unnecessary steps. Like moving faders…in Reaper, Reason, and Studio One I can simply select the channels of all the faders I want to move together (without creating VCAs). In Cubase, you have to select the channels, click “Quick link”, move faders, then click “Quick link” to unlink.

In comparison, it’s unnecessary steps like these that are just workflow killers imho

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surprised this hasn’t been implemented in 12

Hey everybody - Steinberg’s team uses the voting system for implementing new features. Currently I was the first to vote on this. If you want this implemented please add your vote.

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where to vote? )
I support the request!

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