How to change the order of VCA faders

Hello folks,

when I want to change the order of group-faders in the mixer
I always change the order in the project window.

Now I wanted to set a VCA fader from the left 3 steps further to the right in the mixer - no chance.

What is the secret how to change the order of them?

Same as the group channels, do it in the Project Window. By default it’s put in the Group Tracks folder.

I tried this but the VCA-track in the project window is not moveable.

Humm, I can move them around fine. What’s your system config, version of Cubase, etc.?

But playing around I did discover that where it puts a new VCA Track is not consistent. I had them end up in the regular track list, in the Group Tracks folder, and also in a VCA Tracks folder. :question: