How to change the scale of an audio sample?

Hello, I recently bought some sample packs and I wanted to know how to change the scale of it to match the rest of the song. I don’t know music theory and for the majority of the time, I use midi and the built-in scale functionality of Cubase. How do I do the same for audio clips?

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You probably mean how to transpose, right?

You can find the Transpose field in the Info Line of the Project window. If you want to Transpose some parts of the Audio Event independently, you can either cut the Audio Events or use the Transpose track.

@Martin.Jirsak I think so. If my MIDI for example is in D minor, I just want to make sure the audio track as a whole would be D minor also. I would just want to do the whole audio sample. So is transposing the right tool to do that?


If the Audio source would be in major scale, you cannot change it to minor scale by transposing. But you could use Spectra Layers to change the Major 3rd to Minor 3rd.

If the Audio source would be in any minor scale, rec yes, you can simple transposer the Audio Event.

If the audio sample is monophonic (like, vocals,) then you can transpose it using the VariAudio feature in the left tab of an audio track.

If the audio sample is polyphonic, then you need a plugin like Spectralayers or Melodyne DNA to do that. In general, I would recommend against using that as a standard workflow, because you will get better sound quality by recording it correctly. “fix it in post” is a band-aid, not a performance.

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