How to change the staff size of a staff without notes?

I have a score with piano and voice with size 100% and the others 75%. But, I can’t change one staff to 75% because there are no notes in it to select and change size (and it is the first system of the music, so I can’t hide it). How can I change its size?

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Hope to help !

Enter a note, change staff size, then delete the note?

How do you change the staff sizes? In a piano trio score I tried to change the violin and cello staves to 75 or even 60% but the option was greyed out. It won’t work. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. One weakness of the help/manual guides is that they say you can do this and that, but don’t tell you just exactly how. In this case though I think I am missing something in the layout that won’t allow me to change staff sizes. Does someone have an answer to this?


Simply make sure you have a note selected in the staff whose size you want to change, and you should find that it works fine.

And for the specific situation where he doesn’t already have any notes in a staff whose size he wants to change, is there some method he can use, other than adding note, sizing, deleting note…? This was his question after all… :wink:

No, as indicated previously, for the time being at least you have to add a note, then resize the staff, then delete the note if you don’t want it there.

Thank you for the replies.