How to change the standard text font

Hello, in Dorico preferences I have set the default font for new projects to „Noto Sans JP“.
Still old projects will use Academico, and also if I import an xml file, the font Academico is being used.
Is there a setting to afterwards change the text font to „Noto Sans“?

You can always go to Engrave mode, Engrave > Font Styles and change the Default Text Font.

LSalgueiro, this is exactly, what I tried and what did not work.
In the mean time I found out, that going to Engrave mode, Engrave > Paragraph Styles and change the Default Text gives the desired result.

Font styles and paragraph styles are different things, as you’ve found: you would actually need to change both ‘Default Text Font’ in Font Styles and ‘Default text’ in Paragraph Styles to be sure that all appropriate items in the score would use the newly-chosen font.

Daniel, if I try to change the default font afterwards, it only seems to work via Paragraph Styles…

As example, if I’d like to see how Title, Composer etc. look with a different font, I have to go via Paragraph Styles

Yes, that’s right. For the avoidance of doubt, things like titles and text in text frames use paragraph styles, and things like tempos, dynamics, etc. use font styles.

thank you

Hi, I have a suggestion.

How about list all the fonts selection in one page rather than using the drop down menu? and it is better to show a sample page to illustrate what is referring where in the page.