How to change the tempo by draw tools in Playmode?

I switched to Dorico 4 today. But I found that I can’t draw the tempo change curve for using the draw tools just like in Dorico 3.5. Can someone help me to work this out? Or this is some changes in this new version? And I also notice that I can’t change the height of the tempo track. The fixed height is really inconvenient to do the tempo automation manually. Thanks you for your help in advance.

Welcome to the forum, @RHIISI. It’s not possible to edit the tempo track in Play mode in Dorico 4.0, as described in the Dorico 4 Version History PDF. We’re working on rebuilding the whole of Play mode from scratch, and unfortunately we didn’t have time to fully restore all of the editors before our release window. However, we are working hard to restore them and they will be added back in free maintenance updates coming as quickly as we can manage.


OK Thanks a lot

Hi, I think it is a very important function that should be implemented ASAP :slight_smile: Thanks