How to change the Tempo of only an area of Audio track?

I have an audio track recorded on 30bpm, it playbacks correctly but I need to change the tempo of only an area of the same audio track to 80 bpm (about 2 or 3 seconds) and leave the rest intact.
I am using Cubase Pro 11.

Is it possible to do such editing in an audio track in Cubase Pro 11?
If yes, I would appreciate any help or explanation.

Thank you


Cut the Audio Event. Use the Sitting Applies Time Stretch tool and resize the event as you wish.

You could use time stretching for this (as mentioned before) but you could also import your audio to a new project, automate the bpm and render your file. Now import it back again and you don’t have to deal with any time stretching.

Thank you Martin & vincentmichel for your replies.
I will try both methods and will see how they go.