How to change the voice from the midi keyboard for input into the score editor via step input

I want to record midi using step input but I might want to change which voice the data I record gets put into in cubase and instead of turning to my computer there seems to be a way to do this from the midi keyboard as well. The manual says this:

When you enter notes using step input you can change the MIDI channel on your input device and directly enter notes into separate voices.

But it does not explain how to do this. Can anyone help with explaining to me how to go about this?

Just set your staff to Polyphonic mode in Score Editor.
And when you insert notes using your MIDI keyboard, the notes will be inserted into the proper voices according to your Polyphonic settings in the Score Editor and their MIDI channels set in your MIDI Keyboard.

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Do you mean here?

If I do that and select polyphonic voicing, and record midi, all my notes appear in one voice. How can I change this from my midi keyboard?

It sounds like they are implying using a separate MIDI channel for each voice. You can then select a MIDI channel on your controller to select which voice you record to.

Ok I get it. My digital piano has the ability to choose a midi channel but it is not working. When I change the midi channel setting on my keyboard the “insert” section on the top of the page still has the same voice selected indicating to me that nothing has changed?

You will need to set each track that contains the synth/sampler for each voice to filter to a specific MIDI channel, i.e., MIDI 1 is violin on track 1, MIDI 2 is violas on track 2, MIDI 3 is cello on track 3 and so on. You use the Input Transformer in the Track Inspector:

This is my least favorite aspect of Cubase; that such a basic function that is so commonly used requires so much effort to perform is ridiculous. Anyway, here’s a link to the manual
Track Input Transformer
Also, it comes in two flavors; Track and Project
Project Input Transformer

Is this only in the newest version of cubase?

No, but how you access it and what it’s called is. Before I think it was called Global and Local, not Project and Track and was accessed by a weird little squiggle icon at the top of the track inspector.

But there is an easier way.

Set the track’s channel to “any”. Now the notes get the channel assignment that is set on the keyboard.


That doesn’t work in a number of situations, most often when using a split in the keyboard to go to different instruments, or using two controllers simultaneously.

Are you saying it doesn’t work in this case?

Yeah, if it’s set to Any and you have Zone 1 on your keyboard transmitting on MIDI CH 1, and Zone 2 on your keyboard transmitting on MIDI Ch 2, then that channel will pick up both zones.

But that is what the OP needs, isn’t it?

Sorry, I did answer in a more generalized manner.

Okay, so the solution I have given is indeed correct?. The only point of this topic is to give the OP a way to do what he asked about:

So to be ultra-clear, the solution is to set the track midi channel to Any, and then they can do this:

Thanks for your help but I am still having difficulties. It does work the way you say when I use step input in the key editor but not when I use step input in the score editor. Any idea why?

Well! The actual behavior does not correspond to the documentation. So a bug report will be made.