How to change way 16th notes are grouped?

I’m trying to notate the first attached image, but Dorico is giving me the second by default. How do I fix this?
sync wrong

Well, your bars are twice as long, and the note durations are different, for starters. :grinning:

In Notation Options > Beam Grouping, there are options for how to divide beams. Set this one to “break at beat boundaries”.

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You possibly want to check the syncopation options further down that page and/or on the Note Grouping page.

Hi guys, so, I changed the beaming options as you suggested but I’m still not getting what I’m looking for, it didn’t change.

The bar is longer but look again, the note durations are the same (syncopated 8th notes).

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It may depend on things like what the actual time sig is, and whether this is an XML import with imported beaming.

There may be other settings in Notation Options that are relevant.

In that case, please share the project for someone to look at.

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Here it is:
syncopated 8th.dorico (3.0 MB)

Yep, so what I suggested earlier

is the answer: Notation Options > Note Grouping > Syncopation > top option

On a side note, if you apply the Silence playback template, your projects will be much smaller when you upload them here.

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