How to check and compensate for Latency in Cubase 8

Hi there,

I’m running Cubase 8 (artist, 64bit) on Windows 10. I’ve been doing MIDI recording for quite a while and have now started going back to recording actual instruments, but it seems like either my timing has got really bad or I’ve got some issues with latency. I use the ASIO drivers from my PreSonus AudioBox iTwo, have plenty of RAM available, I don’t use anything else on the PC when I’m recording.

Is there anything I can do to test what the latency of my setup currently is, and then compensate for it accordingly?

I appreciate that as a human I am not going to play with complete metronomic accuracy, but I’m a decent musician with a good sense of time and I can’t believe I’ve gotten so bad - but maybe I have! I’d just like to rule out any problems with my recording system first!