How to check if a montage has succesfully been burned on cd

Could someone please direct me - how do I check if a freshly burned cd is ok with pauses and everything ?
I can’t find an option to import a cd as one long file so I can compare it to the wave it came from.
Import cd imports the separate files.

anyone ??
I have a deadline tomorrow morning and they will only accept a CD.
Otherwise I would have sent them a DDP file.
If I import the cd and make a montage of it, render this and compare I get 10000’s of errors + different file length.
The resulting Deltafile plays the music as if it’s out of phase.
All plugins are off.
This used to be easy in WL 6 :frowning:

The only quick fix I can think of is to simply install Wavelab 6. It’s downloadable from - and the latest version there (6.1.1) can be installed on Win7…

Thank’s Arjan,
that could be a solution - but I really can’t understand if this option has been removed in WL 7.
I MUST be doing something wrong…
PG ??

This function was not in WaveLab 7, but in WaveLab 6. Due to a change of CD drivers, this function is gone.

Wow - I can’t believe this vital function was removed!
Granted that not so many people send CD’s to a pressing plant anymore, normally we use DDP these days, but some plants still use a CD for their quick service = less than 500 copies.
I consider this a core function in WL. To be able to verify a master cd is so important!
Furthermore - I can’t install WL 6 (update from WL5). The installation stops with a window telling me to quit all apps using a dongle and remove the dongle. Which I of course have done + rebooted without the dongle.
What to do now ?

You can still import your cd as a montage and compare it.

How ? - do I render the montage as one long file and compare it to the wav-file that created the cd ?
I haven’t found an option to compare 2 montages.

And is there a way to install WL 6 ?

In the Analysis menu, there is a function to compare 2 audio files.
To render a montage to a long file, I guess you know how to do.
But unless all your CD tracks are CD frame quantized and don’t use Audio in pause, you will find differences.
This being said, simply listening once to the CD could be enough.

Don’t use an update; 6.1.1 is a full installer.

Thank’s Arjan - WL 6 is now installed so I’m ready for next time. I hope the CD I shipped today was okay…

Thank’s PG - listening to the CD isn’t good enough. I have done it before and didn’t hear any errors. But the CD was rejected from the pressing plant anyway because of errors on the disc. CD’s have flaws and burners make mistakes.
Please make it easy to check a CD in a future update!

I mostly use DDP these days, but sometimes CD-R master is needed for short duplication orders. I use Plextools to test the CD for errors.

When CDs get rejected because of errors, it’s not always errors that you can detect by listening. It can really depend on the variables of your optical drive and optical medium.

I second that. Wavelab cannot detect errors that are going to get a CD rejected from a pressing plant. If you possibly can use DDP instead of a CD. If you must use a CD then you really should check it for errors (in another program) before sending it.