How to check if the installation of the content is done right?

Hello fellow musicians,

it seems I messed something up while installing Cubase 13 Pro and all of its content.

I wanted to leave it all to the automatic of the Download Assistent but at first start of a current 12 Pro project a patch of Halion SE was missing (on both 12 and 13 Pro), kind of Halion SE Artists is missing or such.

How can I check if all the content is installed as it should. Is there a list I can check what instruments/content and its version numbers should be there? I googled but all belongs to older Cubase version even the paths where it should installed.

Any help is much appreciated.

Steinberg Library Manager is your friend. Any installed libs will show up here, along with their location. You can move them about, too.

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Thank you. I have that installed, but as far as I remember there was an instrument in Halion SE which labeled Artists or such and this isn’t there anymore, I guess that’s why a specific preset wasn’t found by 13 and even 12.

The Library Manager seems not to handle presets, so I’m probably missing something.

The manager does handle the presets, too…
If you do a search for vstsound files, if you find them, double-click on anyone and the library manager will register every vstsound file in that folder.
I’d be inclined to download the libraries from the Cubase site and manually install them. That way you can decide where they go. If you do this uninstall the original, um, install. (That’s a lot of installs!)
(Apologies if you know all this, I’m just assuming no knowledge.:+1:)

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Many thanks, now I know what do to, your help is much appreciated! …And the installs incident was quite funny as a bonus. :grinning: