How to choose two options in deleting

Dear everyone
I am pretty new to Dorico Pro

I read several documents in this forum about my question now but I couldn’t find the solution

My question is

When I delete several notes and/or rests after selecting thme by mouse

I guess one of two things will happen

number 1) All notes and rests after that (in that staff?? or in that voice??) will translate backward accordingly
number 2) All notes and rests after that will stay there without translating backward

In some situation, number 1 happens
and for others, number 2 happens, I guess

May I ask:

  1. I want to choose one of two above each time I delete
    Can I do this in Dorico Pro?
    That is, sometime I want number 1 to happen
    for other times I want number 2 to happen
    I want to decide at that time

  2. Actually, usually I prefer number 2
    I don’t want number 1 happens in most cases
    How can I fix setting so that number 1 happens if I want

Thank you and have a nice weekend

If you have insert mode on (I) number one will happen. If you do not have insert mode on (the default) you will get number two…
It’s easy to accidentally press I and insert mode is very powerful and can be destructive if not used deliberately.

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Dear lafin
Thank you so much for your prompt answer !

I was trying to check when number 1 happens and when number 2 happens by myself now

Now I understand. As you said, inserting mode is crucial

So have a nice weekend and see you again, lafin
You helped me a lot

Thank you

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