How to clean up a project completely?


I was wondering whether it was possible clean completely a project (Automations inclusive) by everything in few steps (or just one) in order to save as template.

It happens that a composer creates a particular Orchestra set he may decide to use in the future but I would not spend one hour to clean tracks, automations, markers.

I noticed there is a menu choice “clean up” in the main menu “File” but I think it does not concern what I was looking for.


A macro:

Show all Automation; Select all; Delete; Save as Template?

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No, cleanup is something else, it’s used to delete all unused files after project completion, for backing it up i.e.

Just delete all files in project, delete all automation, markers, maybe some other things here and there. You may want to keep your eqs, plugs etc.

Last, don’t forget to empty the pool (just delete from pool, not erase files from HD !!) resave the project then. It’s ready to be saved as template.

Do yourself something good and keep the hands off the clean up function :sunglasses:

I played with it once (yes, only once, in SX days, years ago) and it deleted audio from different folders, because I’ve maybe renamed them or moved them to a different drive. Cubase scans for audio that’s used in your .cprs and does some black magic with all the rest. Well, that’s how it works and I should have known before. Thought I’d let you know as well :laughing:

Yes the cleanup feature is something critical but rather a main feature imo. As you say, you have to care a lot about what you do and be totally aware about Cubase arborescence. Never do a cleanup if you didn’t archive current project before (and copy all files in folder). Never do a cleanup if other projects located in other folders share files with the current project. BTW one shouldn’t do that :wink:

That said, cleanup feature doesn’t work with N5/N5.5 and that’s a mess…

I agree, I thinks so. The best way is delete all parts, automations, markers and keep just the main signature and save as Template.

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I use to compose just in MIDI with VST therefore I did not think about that but now I will take in consideration your hint. :wink:


If ever you don’t delete unused files (all then I guess) from pool before saving as Template, all new projects will carry tons of useless files in the pool…

Y’know, I’ve always thought that ‘Save As Template’ should have some preferences to remove things automatically, like all items from the pool, and/or all items from the timeline etc. Because whenever I try to make a template it’s never quite correct on the first effort and it’s not until I start using it to record or compose that I realise what I need in that template. So, I’m enhancing it periodically, therefore I’m always having try to remember to delete the pool and the timeline when I overwrite or update my template. So Steinberg could provide an easier/intelligent way I think! Maybe a wizard??


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A number of carefully prepared bespoke templates payback the time spent creating them tenfold, now, if only large multi out kontakt instruments didn’t take ages to load…