How to clear double and/or unexisting links on Media bay

I have 2 questions concerning the media bay

  • If I have the same file 2 times on my computer, Media Bay shows it also two times. Is there a way to change this and to make sure it only show each file once (even if it exists several times on the HD)?
  • When I delete old projects, the audio files from those projects still show up when I search using Media Bay. They show up but empty. Is there a way to explain to Media bay that these files don’t exist anymore and that Media Bay shouldn’t continue to show them? They show up in Mediabay, but only their title, not their (audio) content. Scanning again doesn’t help…



Hi and welcome,

  • You can choose, which folder should be scanned by MediaBay. So you can set to not scan a folder, which is a copy of another one.

  • Is it the same, even if the folder is rescanned? Are you on Mac or Windows?

  • The thing is I copy every sound into a new project that I’m working on. That’s a safety because I often exchange projects and I want to make sure I don’t forget files. So f.e. I have like 15 projects that use the same wind-file, the result of that is that that wind-file turns up 15 times…
  • I did indeed rescan. But there remain a lot of “ghost-files”. I think that when you do a scan Mediabay remembers the name of the file (it indexes all your files to easily find them) and when you type “closing door” it will find all the files that contain these words, even if the real file doesn’t exist anymore. This results in quite some empty files after a while (because I empty my computer from time to time off course). I’m on Mac Yosemite.

Oh right, and the funny thing is that I can’t “uncheck” a folder that doesn’t exist any more :slight_smile:… But still Mediabay thinks it exists, even if I rescan the “mother-folder”…

  • Why do you have your project folders in MediaBay? Is it because Off some specific workflow? As far as I know, this is not very common.
  • On Mac, it is always a little weired with deleted files. These files are placed still in the same folder, but with the flag “deleted”. Some applications cannot read this flag. I will check MediaBay with this.