How to clear/reset "Resolve Missing Files" pop up? (SOLVED)


Anybody knows how to resolve missing file advice if I do not need the video anymore?

I deleted the video and related folder from the project and I did not find any information about this reset in the C7 Manual.

I expected that after the first time pop up I was able to tell to Cubase that I removed the video from the project so it is still not necessary for my workflow.

There are: Help, Locate, Folder, Search and Close buttons. Although I ignore it clicking “close” the next time I open the project the window appears again. So I guess I should find a function as like as in Logic Pro where there is “remove video file” and then save the project.

Thanks million!

I never worked with video but after audio files are removed from the pool the “missing files” message gets dropped after you save the project. Close the project. Then reopen it.

Regards :sunglasses:

Actually, I wondered about this myself. I just accepted it as a minor annoyance, but if there’s a resolution I’d love to hear it. It happens even after removing the video file from the pool.

Thanks for the hint, I tried in that way yet but it is not working. It is strange that there was not a video remove function. It would be a bug. :unamused:

I found the solution while I was working. Basically if you enter in the Pool Management you can clear missing files and delete media you don’t use anymore dragging them into trash (then right click/empty trash). Cubase is wonderful.

I did not pay attention when you wrote “pool” which I did not know being a new Cubase user. So I have just noticed you suggested me a way before. Thanks!

Go to pool, select all (Ctrl-A), RIGHT click and choose ‘Remove Missing Files’ from the drop down menu.