How to close in-place editor

Seems like a daft question, but how do you close the in-place editor once open?


Double click to the color (or grey) area (event) below the In-place editor.

Thank you - I’ll try to remember that.

You can also press Enter, or press the Open In-Place Editor key command again (Ctrl+Shift+i)

(Close in place editor) in the midi menu would be nice when someone doesn’t know to double click in the grey area that doesn’t look grey. Its not like theres not enough room in the midi menu.

I had the same question.

There are some really weird and unintuitive UI approaches that work to varying degrees.

But I would suggest one rule is that closing a UI element/window/… should never require a “how to” google.

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Yes, seems like if you can reissue the key command, you should also be able to repeat the drop down menu command and have an equal effect of closing the open in-place editor (understanding the the label "Open in-place editor name would need to be tweaked). Interesting feature though and I look forward to experimenting with it.

And FYI, I was not able to find the ‘grey area’ mentioned above that requires the double click so thanks to Ramantique TP for the tip on using the key command.


This is not a daft question at all. What is really daft, is the way people design BASIC elements of the software sometimes. Honestly, Cubase is the greatest platform ever but sometimes those who design the interface MUST change their perspective around the notion of what is obvious and what not… or rather, the notion of reason vs absurdity. Come on! Just let the same command close the same window it just opened!

Thank you very much!