How to close in-place editor

And on a PC keyboard, from my experience, it must be the Enter from the alpha side of the keyboard, NOT the number pad…

True. Cubase makes a difference between Enter and NumPadEnter. Those are two different keys.

Yep, but since C13 (I think…) and in the Key Commands window, your NumPadEnter key has been renamed to Enter, your Enter one having been also renamed as Return. Just realized it this morning, while attempting to use the first one, which was actually controlling… Open/close editor, for a reason.

Beside this, both the ctrl+shift+I and the track header Edit in place button behave as toggles. So, there shouldn’t too much problem to close the Edit in Place panel, when needed…

Its 2024, and people are still googling (or Binging) how to turn off In-Place Editor. Pressing return is not only counterintuitive, it is completely contrary to what “Enter” means anywhere else in computerworld.

So simply change the keystroke assigned to the Editors>Edit-in-Place command, which will create a toggle key command.

Would you like to write a summary of all the ways how to close the in-place editor and mark that as the solution, Steve? This way people will find the answer faster.

Not really, but be my guest.