How To Close one of Two Open Projects

Hi everyone,question:If you have two open projects how can you close one Not De-activate but close the second one.

I believe you can only close an active project. So activate the one you want to close, and then close its Project Window. The other project then becomes active.

Thank you,my friend.

Here It doesn’t matter whether the project is active. Simply close the Project Window for that project.

Right you are Steve.I wasn’t at my DAW to check, and incorrectly thought that selecting a Project Window activated that project.

Is there a way to keep the project from activating after closing one of the two?

No, apparently. I wish there was!

You can close any project at any time - including one that is not active.

Yes. Say proj. A and proj. B are both open, where A is active. First, create a new empty project. This will deactivate A. Now, close A… B stays open, and remains inactive.

You may wish to save proj. A before doing that.


I’m curious about what circumstances that would be useful for?

I’ve come across it when trying to grab stuff from a several different files, to create a new template for instance.

For safety mainly, especially when working between large files with certain vst’s or software that could become unstable.
I’ve noticed this behavior in 7.05, a few crashes already closing & activating large projects in succession.

thanks, got it