how to colour tracks in the mixer. {resolved}

I have keycommands for adding tracks, so mostly I add a track on a workspace with only my mixer visible.
To give it a colour I have to returm to the project page, then open the colour menu, be shure nothing is highlighted in the project page. And then I can shoose out of a dropbox.

In previous versions of Cubase you could change it from the mixer?

If it’s not possible anymore then it’s a request.

Greetz Dylan.

Is it not Ctrl click little box at bottom of mixer?

Ctrl click
Shift click
Alt click

Seems not to be too fussy :wink:

Ctrl-Click in the Mixer Window on the Channel Name field and select a color from the color strip pop-up.

O thank you so very much! :smiley:

Oh cheers, I hadn’t found that one out yet either.

:smiley: Glad I am not the only one haha!
That is so funny sometimes that they change something and not note it in a ‘read me’ file or something.

But happy to be a member here, should have posted this earlier!