How to combine 2 separate Cubase projects into 1

Hello. I am working with my singer on a Cubase project. I have a copy of the project with all the instrument tracks and plugins that I use.
My singer has a copy of the same project that he is recording all the vocal tracks using built in Cubase plugins and effects.
Is there a way I can combine/import all his vocal tracks independently into my project including all his automation, plugin settings, effects etc.?
I know he can export his tracks as flat audio files but I want to be able to carry over the tracks and settings so I can mix it from my end the same way he can on his end.
We are both using Cubase Pro. Thanks.

You didn’t mention which version of Cubase you’re using.

If it’s Cubase Pro 11, then you may want to check out the “Track Import” feature:

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And if it isn’t Pro, there is a trial version of Pro out there. However that would require a dongle.