How to combine 3 guitar parts one file/ score

For a guitar trio piece, I wrote 3 parts on separate files, but now I want to combine the 3 into a score format. How do I do this?

If you would like to have the three pieces in one project, you can open the first project and import the other two as new parts.

It sounds as though you need to copy and paste from projects 2 and 3 into new players (holding guitar instruments) in project 1. This is assuming that by “Guitar Trio” you mean “single piece for three guitars playing simultaneously”. If by “Guitar Trio” you mean “Trio of three pieces for a single guitar”, then sure, you could import the flows in from the second and third projects into the first project (or vice-versa).

Hi @disaacs5, and welcome to the Forum!

[opps , while writing I see that other have already answered. Anyway I leave my workflow suggestion here below]

Here is how you can achieve this:

  • open file 1
  • import the flow of file 2 and 3 into file 1 (menu File>Import>Flow.…, and when importing check Create all New Players. Dorico creates and adds flow 2 with the music of project 2, and flow 3 with the music of project 3
  • then in setup mode click on flow 1 (that already contains guitar 1 and it’s music), and check the guitar 2 and guitar 3 in the Players panel on the left, so that they are included in flow 1 (they will contain no music)
  • then you can copy manually the music form 2nd and third flow into flow 1 in the guitar parts of guitar 2 and 3
  • delete flow 2 and 3