How to combine two instruments on ONE part sheet

I’ve got the following in my full score (solo violin and 1st violins) and I want to combine them into ONE part sheet. I don’t want the concert master to sit there for 15 measures of silence while they wait for their “solo” part which is on a different stave.

What’s normally done is cases like this? Just copy and paste all of the violin notes up until the point of their “solo” from the 1st Violins stave to the solo violin stave? I would prefer to somehow have both staves on ONE part sheet, if that’s possible.


Are you using divisi?

Or, you could add a cue for the 1st violins in the soloist Layout:

Combining two Players into one Layout is easy. In Setup mode, select the relevant Layout in the right zone, then make sure the Players that you want included in that Layout are ticked in the left zone.

Or, you could simply cue the Vln1 part into the the Solo Vln part where needed.

See here for how to combine two players in one part layout.

Thanks, Daniel! That worked great! (the last thing about combining players into one layout).

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