How to come back to the previous update ? Cubase pro 8.5.1

Hi, Do you know how can i come back to the update 8.5.0 for cubase pro 8.5 ? I have the 8.5.1 update and have a a lot of problems with it, so i would like to have again the 8.5.0 version. Does someone knows how to do ? thanks

de-install and get the 8.5 isp from mysteinberg and install again.

You should be able to roll back.

Control Panel/Programs and Features/select View installed updates/search for the Cubase 8.5.10 update

You should be able to uninstall this update. I say should but I have not done this as I normally set a restore point prior to updating - but then I haven’t had to use that either.

i forgot to say that i’m on an Imac =)

If i de-install, am i going to loose all settings ? (like the ways to instruments ; shortcuts) ?