How to comp a multi-track drum record?

A multi-track drum record means that several microphones are used in recording the acoustic drum set. And they are recording to different audio tracks in Cubase. When comping, all the takes in different tracks need to be cut at the same position because there is sound leakage between microphones. For example, if the snare is off beat, the off-beat will be recorded in overhead and room mics.

Is there any feature in Cubase can accelerate the editing?

Put the drum tracks in a folder and enable group editing (that’s the = button on the folder). Open up lanes on one or more tracks and do your comp as usual, all tracks/takes in the group folder will follow.

Make sure zero crossing is turned off. Group editing works with events of the same length, cutting events with zero crossing on will result in different length of events (which is only visible at high zoom levels).

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