How to completely remove a plugin

I have cubase elements 10 along with windows10 pro. I have had MTPDK2 drumkit plugin for years and only one time besides this time did it act up. I from personal experience know that double downloads of this plugin causes it to load up extra extra slow. So i deleted all the files i could find or a computer file search of both my ssd drives. But there’s one part that still remains and i cannot find it. Can anyone help?


If the plug-in has an uninstaller, then use it, please.

If it’s VST3, then remove the *.vst3 file, If its VST2 plug-in, remove the *.DLL file. And then you can rescan the VST Plug-i Manager.

It has no uninstaller. It goes from zip to dll. and content. Mtpdk2 drumkit is blacklisted in cubase elements 10. I reactivated it but it slows down the pluging manager by minutes and takes extra long than usual to load up. Just out if the blue it started acting up. A fragment of the gui shows up after deleting all those files you mentioned that i and a file explorer search, that i could find. I thought that gui indicated i missed a file.