How to COMPLETELY trash Cubase 6.5 Preferences

been trying to refresh my preferences / key commands as I want to start from default.

everytime i clear the application data folder, Cubase SOMEHOW :imp: manages to ‘find settings from previous installation’ and proceeds to load these up.

any help ??

thanks in advance.

you don’t say which platform you are on.

There are settings from an earlier version of Cubase in the same directory as 6.5. delete those and you 'll be set.

really? what settings for example?

Whenever I delete the folder, Cubase seems to start from a fresh clear installation. But I never really explicitely checked this cause I thought it will be alright. ANd it seemed to start anew. I never had old settings that I noticed at least.

I think we both speak of the same folder:

C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6

(Win 8 64 bit)

edit: thats right, you have also to delete / rename older Cubase versions folders too.

Take hard drive out. Burn it. Buy and install new drive then reinstall Cubase. Done. Simple. :mrgreen:

that’ll do it :laughing:

im on windows 7 32bit.

ive deleted data from cubase application folder relating to cubase 5.1 / 6.5 .

still reloads old templates / key commands / window settings etc.

i’ll try the burning thing…see if that works !!! :smiley: