How to completely uninstall an older version of Dorico Elements?

I’d like to uninstall Dorico 2 Elements after having installed Dorico 3 Elements, including removing the sound library (to free up disk space).

What’s the proper way to do that?


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What OS?

You are on Win or OSX?
On Win delete the folder C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico2
On OSX delete the item /Applications/Dorico2

That is the main part You will leave behind some other files, but it is not worth bothering.

And the sound libraries are shared between Dorico 2 and 3, so you don’t want to delete those.

On Windows, is it not better to uninstall in the normal way, rather than just rip away the program folder? On Windows 10, that would be Settings -> Apps, click on “Steinberg Dorico 2” and then “Uninstall”. On Windows 7, use the Uninstall option in the Control Panel.

Following Ulf’s remark above - if I’d like to uninstall Dorico 2.0 and keep Dorico 3 (I’m using the Pro version), is the advised method really to manually delete the Dorico2 folder? This sounds a bit odd so making sure this is the recommended way to go.


On Windows it’s recommended to uninstall via Add/Remove Programs, rather than deleting the Dorico 2 folder manually. Ulf’s method will work, of course, but there’s no downside to uninstalling using the provided uninstaller.