how to configure cubase 10 pro to use connect se

Good. I don’t understand how to configure vst connect in cubase 10 pro. I have this software and also vst connect performer. I can not find cubase anywhere vnet connetc se or something similar.

1 . download the latest version of vst connect SE and performer from:

you want PLUG + PERFORMER on the studio side (this updates SE)
you want PERFORMER on the performer side

2 . in CUBASE select “VST Cloud” on the cubase menu >>>> VST connect SE >>> create VST connect

3. read the information in the PDF manual (click on the ? in the performer app)
4. read the information on

I already have vst connect installed. The problem is that I can’t find vst cloud in cubase anywhere, it’s as if I don’t have it. I have read the manual but cannot decipher where the vst cloud option is


please open the “eLicenser Control Center” application, create a snapshot of your licenses and send it to me (m.spork (at) Maybe there goes something wrong?

Thank you,

It’s an item in the main menu … between the “Window” and “Hub” items.