How to configure Cubase to send a Note-on message when un-mute a channel?

I have a problem with using a A&H QU-16 as remote DAW Controller for Cubase 10 Artist, the connection is done as Generic Controller.

QU-16 accepts Mute-off events from a DAW only if the DAW sends a MIDI message from type ‘Note-on’ with a value > 0 and < 64 (Note-off Messages will be ignored).

For me it seems that Cubase send by Default a Mute-off event as MIDI message ‘Note-off’ --> so QU-16 doesn’t accept it.

Is there a possibility to tell Cubase to send a ‘Note-on’ MIDI message when Un-muting a channel?

Thank you guys & Regards

Cubase does send Note-On, velocity 127 when the channel is muted and Note-On, velocity 0 when it’s unmuted.

Did you set the ‘Toggle’ flag in the lower pane?