How to configure Cubasis 3.4 with UR44-C and special routing

Hi there, I have a setting where I record with 4 mics on inputs 1 to 4 and a stereo keyboard connected to 5/6. The keyboard has no builtin speakers and only a single stereo output jack.
Now I’d like to configure a routing where all 6 channels can be recorded simultaneously, but only the signal from the inputs 5 and 6 goes to the main output for monitoring.
Does anyone know, if this is possible? Any ideas welcome


Configuring headphone 2 to channels 5 and 6 only allowed me to get the output I wanted to have.
But I‘d still like to know how to configure what goes to the output connectors.

Hi @Reimer_Pods,

Thanks for your message.
Does the “Routing” tab helps to set the outputs as desired?


Thanks, Lars,

In a recent recording session I‘ve used Stereo Output 3/4 for the keyboard and it worked fine. So my question is answered.


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Thanks for the update @Reimer_Pods!!