How to configure/manage file storage?

I’ve been unwell for some time but I’m better now :smiley: and ready to get back to recording. Unfortunately, having been away for so long, I’ve forgotten some things!

As you can see from my sig I have three on-board hard disks. The 110Gb one is for OS and program files. I also have a very large HD and a smaller (55Gb) SSD. This computer was specified by Music-PC and is specifically set up for Cubase,

I do almost no audio recording - it’s all VST instruments which, when I’m happy, I “bounce” to audio stems.

At all stages of the process I’m prompted, or able to select, the location that I store the various files. So what I want to know is - where should I optimally store my Cubase projects? And when I create audio stems from the VST Instrument tracks, where should I store those? Is there an accepted workflow that I’m missing?

Many thanks and happy music making.


Hi Zwa!

I think that where the highest incidence of data traffic and heavy (larger) files occur, the access folders should be faster. If you have how to leave the heaviest files on the SSD, the performance will be better. The projects are small files, but the VSTi are usually large and heavy, would look better if stored in a fast access hard drive.

Good luck!