How to configure USB microphone without using asio4all


I just received my Rode USB Microphone and would like to connect it with Cubase 8 so I can record guitar into my tracks. Besides the Rode I am also using the M-Audio Audiophile PCI audio interface with KRK monitor speakers.

My question is how to configure the USB-microphone properly. I only found a explanation using asio4all but that’s not an option for me.

Thank you in advance.


I am using a Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel q6600 computer with 8gb memory and Cubase 8.

Most USB mics use ASIO4ALL as their default driver I’m afraid.

I feel your pain. USB microphones are the cancer of this industry. They interface with your computer through drivers like ASIO4ALL and the day you buy a decent ASIO-compatible audio interface they become worthless unless you want to stick with ASIO4ALL.

In my personal opinion I’m really dissapointed that some well-respected manufacturers of studio microphones like Audio-Technica, Blue, RØDE and Shure have started to manufacture these horrible gadgets. Shame on them!

Agreed, I wouldn’t expect anyone who serious about this business to settle with USB mics - but for the OP - someone primarily interested in EDM and just wants to play at tracking vocals - they’re fine - I suspect they are massively better than the mics I could afford for years! Indeed the average cheapo Chinese condenser capsule fitted to a £40 USB mic will handsomely outperform the SM58s thousands of professional live artists scream down on a daily basis and despite their deficiencies have provided the vocals for many a million-selling live album.