how to connect a USB keyboard

Hi all

My name is Peter

I have dabbled in music for a long time , guitar , bass, keyboard, but now I have taken the first step into computer music. This is completely new to me, so please forgive my lack of basic knowledge.

I am trying to connect a USB controller keyboard with the inbuilt Halion sonic within Cubase

I have Cubase 6 which came with my CI1 interface, and I am trying to connect a ASHTON UMK61 usb controller.

It is connected to Cubase, every time I hit a key, the input level bar on the bottom lights up, so the keyboard - computer-Cubase is connected, but I just don’t know how to configure the Audio bus to work with the inbuilt Halion sonic.

Can anyone assist in how to hook up a USB keyboard to Halion Sonic

Thank you