How to connect an instrument to silence


I want to let some instruments go to a virtual instrument, and others to nothing/silence. These latter are not intended for playback, but only for printing.

How to assign them to an empty VSTi slot? When assigning them at ‘–’ output, Dorico automatically assign it to some VSTi (apparently, the one matching that type of instrument in the playback template).

What would you do to prevent automatic assignment?


As a last resort, I would mute those instruments in the Dorico Mixer, but we can hope there is another way that saves overhead by preventing any sound loading for that instrument at all. Can you assign the instrument to an empty MIDI slot on the HALion player (or whatever VST you are using)?

Derrek, I can for sure mute the mixer channel or connect the instrument to an empty instrument, but I would like more if I can save the slots/instances for instruments that will not have to play. So, I hope there is a way to link them to ‘dummy’ endpoints.


You asked a question (“What would you do…”). so I answered. If there is a better answer, doubtless someone will say.

Sometimes a quick solution is important even if it is not the best solution.

Derrek, I appreciate your answer. I just commented about how I would like to find a different solution, if there is one.


If your template doesn’t have a fallback for a specific instruments, then it will default those instruments to nothing. So just reapply your template with instrument names that don’t have a corresponding entry in the template.

Dbudde, unfortunately both categories of instruments (to be played and not) are of the same type. I was Violin desks to only be printed, and Violin soloist to play.

When applying the template, Dorico assumes both are to be associated to the same VSTi and Xmap.

The only way to make them behave differently would be to make them different types of instrument. But I don’t think one can customize the types (for example, to make Violin desks, Violins I or Violins II different).


Derrek’s idea of connecting the ‘dummy’ instruments to an empty slot is actually one that might work well.

Dorico will insist to configure the Vni’s desks as a Violin VSTi. It will create a new slot in the VST Instruments pane, pointing to the Violins Endpoint Configuration I have saved for a slot.

However, if I don’t connect this slot to any VEPRO instance, there will not be wasted VEPRO instances and CPU cycles. It will do exactly what I’m looking for!