How to connect BCF 2000 as MCU along with maschine mk1, so both are 'synced' as one MCU unit?

Would this such setup be possible with using midi DIN cables?

I am trying my hardest at the moment, only I can achieve, one by one…
BCF 2000 as extender unit… (though I can edit parameters and flip etc)

Also my BCF 2000 lcd states only numbers? like… 01.03, 01.04 <—
it does not show any EQ, or Pn <— like abbreviated section spelling?

My BCF 2000 firmware is 1.10 the latest and it has MCU mode already implemented…
though I am still unsure which ‘mode’ I should pick… (at the moment, I am using S-3 I believe…)

One odd thing, on my windows laptop with audio interface, by just connecting MIDI in/out, mackie control connection was easy.

But on my main mac, since Maschine mk1 was set as MCU unit… somehow I could not successfully bypass maschine mk1 (though I bypassed everything including virtual midi connection)… so BCF 2000 cannot be recognized as MCU unit by itself… very strange…

At the moment, I have set maschine as ‘mackie control’ and BCF 2000 as ‘mackie control 2’ (so faders start from BCF 2000…)

But will there be any way to synchronize these two as ‘one’ on Cubase…?

I literally tried every connection…

Thanks in advance.