How to connect Cubase Artist 10 to H&K Grandmeister DL40 DI Box ?


I am new to Cubase with the 10 artist windows version.
I already own an Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister DL40 and an UR242 + solid HP laptop with I7 and W10.
I want to register my guitar parts using the GM40 DI Box (named Red Box) through the UR242 but I can’t find any video on YouTube or elsewhere to help on the process.
Any pointer to some blog or video would be welcome.
Thanks for help.

Connect the DI out the a UR 242 Mic In.

Thanks but should I activate or not the Input 1 Hi-Z switch ?
And on the H1K should I use line (best according H&K doc) or Mic setting ?
Somme feedback from someone using UR242 and H&K GDL 40 appreciated.

That wonˋ t matter for the mic input

If you can switch the DI out, to line level, switch it to line and use a line input on the UR242 again with no Hi-Z engaged

“If you can switch the DI out, to line level, switch it to line and use a line input on the UR242 again with no Hi-Z engaged”
It works ok , thanks, and I did a first recording, I see the guitar recorded sound in Audio 1… but impossible to re-play it.
When I put the pointer at the beginning and click play, it moves through the recorded sound but silently.

I have 2 Yamaha HS5 connected to the UR242 output 1 & 2 jacks and working for windows output + a headset connected to the UR242.
Curiously when I record I have the sound in my headset, not in the HS5 ?

I see in Studio setup that Cubase has created 2 outputs
UR242 Mix and UR242 Bus : nothing of this seems to work ?
What is bus vs mix ? how to use it and correctly setup if default is not OK ?
The documentation I have for UR242 seems to be old and is poor concerning Cubase.

It sounds like your original question has been successfully answered and you can see you’ve recorded some guitar.

Your next question suggests you perhaps might find it helpful to go on Youtube and watch some Cubase videos about recording. Have you switched the guitar tracks so that they are playing back what’s recorded rather than the input signal? Look for the little speaker icon on the track.

You need to do some reading of the manual or watch some videos to set up the inputs and outputs of your sound card. Cubase is brilliant but like any DAW it needs some investment of time to learn some of the basics.


You hear it while recording because you are direct monitoring through the interface.

Check Studio Setup/Audio Connections/Outputs has a stereo out assigned to UR 1/2. If you still don’t hear anything it’s probably something as simple as the record monitor still being on as plectrumboy said.

Thanks guys, I will check this.

Finally it was a mess in the sound settings of windows 10.

In Cubase 10, I had to check that ASIO Driver was the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (v 1.10.3) and not the Windows one that Cubase is selecting on start.
AND to check ‘Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme’.

Without this last option, no sound goes out of Cubase to UR242…

I also updated the UR242 firmware with the 12/2017 1.01 version…

No I would appreciate to understand what are these UR242 output: UR242 Mix (L & R) and UR242 Fix Bus (L & R) ???

It Fx Bus, not Fix Bus. You should definitely start by reading the UR 242 manual…

Yes Fx bus, typo, thanks for this easy RTFM, but I have understood the ‘effect’ meaning behind the name.
You who do understand it, have you any detail on using this with cubase ?
Because again the UR242 doc is poor . I read it several times in english and french and I am not the only to think that it is not a good doc, H&K support I contacted share this opinion…