How to connect Cubasis (android) with Midas MR18 mixer

Hi all…this is my first post as I’ve installed (paid) Cubasis on my Samsung galaxy S7 FE tablet. I own Midas MR 18 and I want to use Cubasis and Midas together for multitrack recording. If it’s not possible multitrack one by one channel is also ok…but…
When I connect my MR18 with USB with my S7 tablet, it doesn’t record… Cubasis recognize mr18 as an input, but when I record audio track it record only 2 seconds silence… please give me some advice how to record using Cubasis and MR 18 together. Greetings to all

Hi @Micko_Damnjanovski,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility. Currently, Cubasis for Android is limited to 2 inputs and outputs.

Please give the following steps a try, to see if the MR18 works together with Cubasis for Android:

  • Try another USB cable
  • Use a very good USB-B to USB-C cable instead of the OTG adapter
  • Quit all apps
  • Restart device
  • Try both sequences: First start Cubasis, then plug in the audio device, or vice versa.
  • Update Android
  • Disable Setup / Audio / Studio Quality
  • Is the audio device selectable in Setup / Audio under Output Device and Input Device?

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,