How to connect Groove Agent to 31 GB Content Download

Hi there,
I have installed GrooveAgent 5 and downloaded the 31,14 GB of content (Groove_Agent_5_Content.iso) but cannot find any directions on how to access the content from the standalone or the plugin. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Mount the “Groove_Agent_5_Content.iso” and copy the 15 “.vstsound” files to your preferred location (any HD, partition, folder) will be fine. Make a double-click with the mouse on any of the 15 “.vstsound” files and select “register in place” after the Steinberg Library Manager has launched automatically. Done!

PS: The “MOVE” function of the Steinberg Library Manager allows you to move the content any time to any place if you find out that your first location was not the best.
best regards
Gerrit Junge

Thanks, Gerrit!