How to connect Novation Launchkey to UR44

The Launchkey has a square USB2. The cable supplied has a regular USB on the other end. I’ve hunted for cables or adaptors that would give me a MIDI or TRS or XLR on the other end, but nothing matches. I take that as a clue that I’m misunderstanding something. It seems possible because some options come close, e.g., there is a regular male USB to MIDI IN/OUT, whereas I would need either a square USB to MIDI, or regular female USB to MIDI. But those options don’t appear in my searches.

The keyboard must connect directly to the UR44 because I’m using an ipad. (Also use a PC but no problems there of course.)

Has anyone here encountered similar experience and can me point me in the right direction?

Soon after posting I was chatting to my brother. “usb hub” he says.

Doh! I don’t need another type of cable, I need a new brain.


and can the iPad work fine with the two devices connected through the USB port? Are you able to control cubasis with your keyboard and record sound from the UR44?