How to connect support and request download?

To me it seems like MySteinberg works buggy. If I click My Requests, it’s redirects to a login page again. In support tab I see only list of distributors. Most emails are not valid or do not exist. How to get support? I am Cubase 9 Pro user.

Don’t you see a Create New Request next to the My Requests tab?

I think it depends also on region so you’ll have to say where you are. It might also help if you say what download you’re talking about.

Yes I noticed that Steinberg totally give a sh*t about Mainland China people. Maybe that’s because Yamaha is a Japanese company and japanese doesn’t like chinese.

Almost any Steinberg’s site doesn’t work well in China. Even activating of Cubase was madness. I needed to get some VPN to make eLicencer work.

And even with VPN from US or any other first world country I don’t see any methods to contact the support.

The site seems buggy and working wrong. Every time I tried to press “My Requests” it redirects me to the login screen.

I tried to send messages to Distributors in China or my native country (Ukraine) - nobody answered.
Steinberg’s email doesn’t work too.

Possibly the most absurd statement seen in the forum.

Yes, it’s true that there is only direct support for certain countries. Ukraine and China are in the same boat with Brazil, Mexico, Lebanon, Erewhon, Vulgaria, Berzerkistan, as well as Freedonia, Vulgaria, Brobdingnag, Eastasia, Eurasia, and Ukrainmyneckia :wink:

So, email Steinberg directly. Or pm one of the Staff here, their names are in blue. (I am not SB staff)

it would be great if I could find some working email in the internets. But it seems like there is no any yet. Maybe in a future, when steinberg will finish making all their bells and whistles software and features, they will face some third world countries and bless us with their support.

It’s so funny when 10 times smaller companies can effort responsive support team for everybody and Steinberg not :smiley: