How to connect two or multiple notes music together


How to connect two or multiple notes music together, for example; we have a measure with time signature 6/8 and have one rest for first note and then five quaver notes. How to connect this five notes together?

If you enter [6]/8 instead of 6/8 into the meter popover, Dorico will beam all the quavers together. You can change this after the fact, as well. If you have already set the meter to be 6/8 and entered notes, double-clicking the time signature and adding the brackets will cause Dorico to rebeam the existing music with the quavers connected, even with a rest as the first of them.

Thanks for the reply

If it is only occurring once you can also select the last 4 notes, right click > beams > beam together. It will beam all 5 notes.