How to consolidate and export individual audio tracks in Nuendo

Many years ago I recorded at Boogeyman Studio which used Nuendo for DAW. I have a 60 day trial of Nuendo 13, which opens these .npr multitrack audio sessions just fine. I don’t intend to be a Nuendo user at this time and hoped for a simple solution to export all my tracks without effects to use in other DAWs.

If you want the equivalent of consolidated audio ala PT then switch to the range tool, select from session start → session end, choose “Audio → Bounce Selection” and then check your audio files folder for all the new files that have been created.

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You could also use the audio mixdown dialog. There you can select multiple channels and export them as separate files in the desired format with or without inserts applied.

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Additionally, there’s the more refined “Render In Place”-command available from the "Edit"pull-down menu.