How to control all faders?

Without creating special groups, is there a way I can choose all faders in my project and turn them all down simultaneously, or do I have to manually do it?

Select them all in the mixer , right click “link channels”

Cool Thanks!

For me I select all the channels I want to move and with them selected I use the up or down arrow button to move them all without linking them. It’s a beautiful thing and I use it all the time.


Up or down arrow button??
This does indeed sound like a beautiful thing but I can’t for the life of me work out how you’re doing it…Do you mean a keyboard arrow, or is there a button in Cubase I’ve missed.

Shift select the channels and then use the up and down arrow keys on the computers keyboard

Ahh…Thanks…not actually working for me. I can multi select obviously but no fader control from my arrows.

Probably because I’m using the Apple kb on a PC with some key reassignment going on…I’ll have to look into my arrow assignments!


I’ve noticed that the mixer doesn’t respond to the arrow key commands when it’s set to “always on top”. As a workaround deselect “always on top” for the mixer.

No way I’m using the mixer without always on top :wink:

I too really need “always on top” activated to feel sane, so its up to shorcut keys for link and unlink. I use + and = for this.
I do wish all selected channels in the mixer acted like they were temporarily linked though. That would be great. :smiley:

Yes, that’s possible, but the downside to this is, that the relative Gain values are not retained. Like if you would select two channels (with gain levels -10dB and -20dB) and then lovering them down, the separation between the two would increase. Linking the channels in the mixer is the only way to retain the relative values correctly.

SO what about when there is Automation of some of the tracks (in Read mode) ?

For a quick volume change on many channels at once, select all channels with SHIFT or CTRL, then hold SHIFT+ALT and use mouse on any channel to adjust them all simultaneously

Does anyone know the answer to this? ^

Also, would turning in the input gain down on the output channel do the same thing as turning all faders down?


See Attached - enable the Q-Link button at the top of the mixing console and then when you shift + select or shift + left/right arrow and select multiple channels you can adjust the volume of all of them at once.

Thank you for the info!