How to control an Automation Track with Midi Controller or CC121

I always use automation and what I do is simply to activate write, use the mouse to change the value and then show the Automation Track where I do the rest of my editing (using the mouse).

Now I guess I’m missing something very basic here because I can’t figure out how to control the value of the Automation Track using a controller knob (on e.g. CC121 or keyboard with knobs). I’ve read through a number of threads but I can’t find the answer. I would have guessed something like activating “W” or record and moving the AI-knob or something.

I can’t even find the parameters of FM8 I’m automating in the Remote Control Editor.

What I ideally would like to achieve is to be able to select any automation track, record and move the controller knob. Then, being able to select another automation track, record and move the same controller knob.
If that is not possible then some way to use midi learn for the mapping of knob to parameter.

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi and welcome,

You can use the AI Knob. The knob is assigned to the parameter, once you hover over the parameters GUI in Cubase and (internal) plug-ins. But this doesn’t work for all 3rd-party plug-ins (if I’m right, only VST3 plug-ins can support this).

So what you are looking for is closer to the Quick Controls. In the Quick Controls setup, you can assign up to 8 physical controllers. Then you can dynamically assign them to the parameters in Cubase an plug-ins. In the 1st slot of Quick Controls panel click to Lear, move the GUI parameter, you want to control, and the assignment is done. Now, you can move the knob/slider assigned to the 1st Quick Control, to control the parameter. Once you are done, Learn next parameter to the same Quick Control 1, or use Quick Control 2. These Quick Controls are track independent, so you can assign different parameters on different tracks.

I hope this helps to your workflow.