How to control Cubase 7 Elements Transport by MMC messages

Could you please help me to solve the following problem?
I’m a Cubase Elements 7 user and I need to control it by MMC Messsages sent from my Novation Impulse 61 USB Master Keyboard (I am not using Automap 4).
However, Cubase Elements 7 does not recognize any of those messages. The operation manual does not have any reference how to use MMC. A friend of mine, who is a Cubase 5 user, told me to try the following: click on transport, next select project synchronization setup and finally choose MMC slave. I tried the the same procedure on my Cubase Elements 7 and nothing related to MMC appears on the window. Only MTC and Midi Clock messages are displayed, which are not obvisously the same thing.
Could you please help me?
Best regards


I’m afraid Cubase Elements doesn’t support MMC.