How to control few rotaries with one global rotary?

I had a situation where I need to control 3 VSTi LFO speed simultaneously. I created three automation lines. If I needed to do some changes, it became a copy-paste struggle.

Another case:

I want to move Position and Resonance at once, with one some kinda global rotary, on a fly.

Is there any method to do it in Cubase?
(Think of it as Macro in NI Massive, where you can bind many parameters to one Macro. I guess in Cubase Quick controls can accept only one parameter of something).

ps: dear Mods, if you gonna delete this question again, please telly why :unamused:

For the same control in different inserts, you can turn on Q-Link with the tracks selected, and then use the quick control slot or the control for that parameter in the insert, to control it for all selected tracks. (the mixer has to be focused to turn on Q-Link).

For different controls, you can create an additional Generic Remote, and assign the same device and CCs in the top pane, and different targets in the bottom pane to get multiple targets, one in each G.R.

Hope that makes sense!

@-steve-, Your answer helped me partially.

Q-link is fun stuff for mixer. But is not good for sound design.

What I am talking about comes from an old YouTube video, where growl bass was made. One macro in Ableton could control VSTi FM parameters and EQ freq and Q-factor simultaneously.

I think it’s impossible in Cubase and always was.

But for now I have two monophonic synths, both has ENV Release in Quick Control 1.

I selected both MIDI to Rec. I made a setup in Devices, I can control Quick Control, but only one track a once!
I can play both but can control Quick Controls only for one of them, why?
Q-Link doesn’t affect Quick Controls too.

I did not say to use QCs.

Only first VSTi react on 81 CC, the second do nothing. If I change Address in the first one, second will work than.

Were you talking about this approach?
Or should I create two generic remotes?

yeah, two generic devices helped. What a nasty way! :neutral_face:

But still, if I want edit something exactly the same way, copy-paste the only way. Well done, 2017… year…
Maybe sound design is not its strong side.

Try MUX Modular Synth and Effect Plug-In from MuTools, it does the trick.