How to Control Reverb and Chorus on a Hardware Synth from Cubase.

As an example, In Cakewalk Sonar (BandLab) on each MIDI track there is a Reverb and Chorus knob, adjusting these will adjust the Reverb and Chorus in any connected Hardware Synth.

Working with Cubase 10.5, I cannot find where I can do this, and I have to manually make Reverb/Chorus Adjustments manually in the Hardware.

Historically, Cubase has the best MIDI support and I am certain this is some place but not sure how to do it.

Is this possible in Cubase?


Hi you, there is a midi plugin called “Midi control” - reverb and chorus on midi instruments (if they follow the midi standard) are midi cc messages: Reverb: 91; Chorus 93 if I remember correctly.
If you select these in midi control your synth should react to it.

HTH, Ernst

PS.: TrackControl is another MIDI-Plugin that may work for you (Yamaha and Roland standards - GS and XG - also controlling Reverb and Chorus send levels)

Both Plugins come with Cubase Artist and Pro. See Plugin-Reference manual.

Thanks my friend, I am going to check it out.

The MIDI Control under MIDI Inserts solved this.

Thanks again!