How to control the Volume of a selected note

Hi guys,

I am looking on how to control the volume of a single note in Cubase. I have one High pitch note and one Low pitch note and I would like to decrease progressively the volume of the High pitch note while the Low pitch note is still playing the same volume.

I am trying to do this in a track with Kontakt (using Gravity), I don’t see the Volume parameter in the Note Expression slot but only the CC7 (Main Volume) but this modify the volume of both notes…

Could someone guide me throught this??

Thanks in advance for any help,

Note Expressions were introduced in VST 3, but unfortunately Kontakt is VST 2.4 (as reported by the Plugin-in Manager).

So, unfortunately it’s not possible to use note expressions.

What I’d do is load a second instance of the instrument and do it that way.

Ok, thats too bad…
Thanks for letting me know